Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Massive Attack - Special Cases

"Special Cases" is a song on English trip-hop collective Massive Attack's fourth full-length album, 100th Window. It was released as the first single from this album on February 24, 2003. Featuring Sinéad O'Connor on vocals, it was for many fans of the band their first exposure to the new album.

In addition to a radio-edit mix of the original song, the single release contains a remix by Canadian electronica artist Akufen, as well as "I Against I", a song performed with Mos Def that appeared on the soundtrack for the 2002 movie Blade II. 12" vinyl releases contained an additional remix of "Special Cases" by Vladislav Delay, who is credited as "Luomo" for this release.

The song was also made into two separate videos. The Enhanced CD contains one of these, and the other video is on a rare DVD release of the single.

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