Saturday, March 17, 2007

Matrix Reloaded - Neo vs Agent Smith

The Oracle wishes Neo good luck and exits the courtyard just before Agent Smith (But never referred to as an "Agent" in this movie) arrives. While it appeared that he was destroyed at the end of The Matrix by Neo, Smith explains that he and Neo are now somehow connected. Some part of Neo had imprinted onto him, causing a deep transformation. Disobeying deletion, Smith is no longer an Agent of the system; he, like Neo, is free. He has become more aggressive, has gained the ability to make endless duplicates of himself, and has decided that his purpose in life is destruction as an end in itself. After this brief explanation, he recruits an ever-increasing gang of self-copies to attack Neo (a scene known as "The Burly Brawl"). At the end of the fight, Neo overpowers a mountain of Smiths and flies to an exit.