Saturday, February 17, 2007

Crystalmoors - War cries on Vindio

Today, Crystal Moors is formed by three members more: Faramir, Gothmog and Thorus, (at the same time members of Noesis, Eldereon and Stygian). The actual style is more influenced by Celtic Black Metal with arrangements and acoustic parts that create a more epic atmosphere than in the past.

In January 2003, CrystalMoors entered at B&C Studios to record their first attack as a band. "The Unconquered Land" was born under the strong hands of this Cantabrian Clan. Seven hymns of epic and raw melodic extreme metal with Celtic influences and lyrics beyond centuries to bring the dawn of our Forefathers' Paganism

CrystalMoors play Cantabrian Pagan Metal exclusively and they are members of Orgenomescos.

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